Family Tip: “Agile Programming” Don’t let the fancy name fool you.  In the TED talk above, Bruce Feiler puts an interesting new name on a familiar family tip that works.  After studying successful business models, he realized that successful businesses
Therapeutic Journey
Your Journey to Your Better Self The therapeutic process is a journey, not an end destination.  I always talk to my new clients about the “journey” of therapy.  Philosophically viewing therapy as a “process” or “journey” instead of an end
 How to maximize your therapy appointments As a therapist, I see one major factor that contributes to the success or the failure of my clients.  This factor is a client’s activity level in therapy and it’s a great indicator of
Technology Addiction
6 Steps to Solve Your Technology Addiction Face it, your relationship with your screens is impacting your daily life in a significant way.  The average American looks at their phone approximately 80 times per day (every 12 minutes).  That’s an
Teens and marijuana
Talking to teens about marijuana is necessary but it’s guaranteed to make both parents and teens feel a bit squeamish.  In 2018, 29 states have legalized medical marijuana and 9 states have legalized recreational use of marijuana.  More and more,