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Thanksgiving provides Americans with a secret psychological benefit, in addition to great food, family, friends, and football.  As a result of focusing on gratitude, Thanksgiving gives us all those happy feelings that we desperately want during the long

Relationship Help

Recently, I learned The Gottman Institute released a free app called “Gottman Card Decks” that couples can use together to improve their relationship.  I downloaded it to see if it could be beneficial for my clients, friends, family,


Drugs & Music: It’s not a new concept.

In the 70’s, it was Pink Floyd.  In the 90’s, it was the rave scene.  Today, it’s Electronic Dance Music (EDM).  EDM is one of the most popular genres of

Unfortunately, the Denver area has seen an uptick in recent teen suicide.  These suicides always leave our community looking for answers as to why it happened, what could have been done before, and what could be done in

back to school

School is right around the corner and you’re hoping for a successful school year.  You’re trying to avoid those arguments with your teen, bad calls from teachers, and bad grades. While parenting a teenager is always a rollercoaster