Technology Addiction Counseling in Winston-Salem

Smart phone addiction?  Video game addiction?  Social media addiction?  Twitter addiction?  Welcome to the club.  Most people can relate to the problems caused from an unhealthy relationship with technology.  Maybe you find yourself getting sucked into social media for hours or fighting with your teenagers about spending less time playing video games.  It seems like everyone today is dealing with technology addiction.

As a Licensed Addictions Counselor, Chris is an expert in understanding and treating the addicted mind.  The same neural pathways are activated that drug addiction activates when we use technology.  Our screens have been optimized to cause addictive behavior.  An extravagant amount of money and effort is devoted to getting our eyes to stare at our screen for even a few extra seconds.  All of this technology was unleashed to us without much worry about the negative impacts on individuals or society.  Only now are we realizing technology’s far-reaching harmful affects.

Counseling for technology addiction helps clients learn about how addiction works as they learn strategies to gain a healthy relationship with technology.  The goal is rarely to purge our lives of necessary technology, but instead the goal is to learn how to balance technology in our lives in a healthy way.  If you’d like some simple steps you can take today to help with your technology addiction, click here

Types of Technology Addiction

Video Game Addiction

Technology Addiction

At Christopher John Counseling we don’t demonize video games but we people can face many dangers when they over-play them.  We work to recognize the reasons that people play video games and the benefits they receive from playing video games.  Then work to find a way to balance the use of technology in everyday life.  An unhealthy relationship with video games classically includes the following:

  • Playing for too many hours each day/week
  • Increased feelings of anger/frustration/agitation
  • Increased feelings of isolation
  • Other interests fade
  • Lying or manipulating to play more
  • Trouble in other areas of one’s life (family, school, work, friends) arise due to extensive video game playing

Smart Phone Addiction

The average person touched their phone 2,600 times per day!  Our cell phones have become powerful supercomputers that can do pretty much anything we need.  Whether it’s sending a message to a family member, reading the news, playing video games, or scrolling through social media, our phones can pretty much do it all.  Many clients report feeling anxious without their phone next to them.  In our pockets, our phone constantly buzz for attention.  Another message!  Another update!

Learn how to free yourself from the need to constantly be checking your cell phone.  It is possible to have a healthier relationship with your technology.  Don’t be at the mercy of your addicted brain, checking the phone obsessively throughout the day.  Get hours of your life back.

If you live in the Winston-Salem area or the State of Colorado and would like help for you or a loved one that is dealing with technology addiction click below to set up a free zero obligation consult. 

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