Teletherapy- Colorado

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We offer online therapy sessions throughout the State of Colorado for individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and addiction. 

How Does Teletherapy Work?

Teletherapy works in the same way as traditional face-to-face therapy. We will have a set time for our sessions and can connect with the use of a computer, phone, or tablet. When the time for our session comes, you will simply click on a link I provide to you and connect with me online. There is no need for you to download or install anything.

Benefits of Teletherapy


Extremely helpful for people with a disability or illness or who are living in rural or remote areas.


Sessions in the comfort of your own home.


No travel time to the office, and great if you are traveling or on the go.  Also works well for couples in long-distance relationships.


Studies show that online therapy is an equally effective form of psychotherapy.


When is teletherapy not appropriate?

Online therapy is not appropriate if your presenting issue is an emergency, if you are having suicidal or homicidal thoughts. We can talk more about your unique situation in a complimentary consultation to see if it could be the right fit for you.

How much does teletherapy cost?

My fees for online sessions are the same as my fees for in-person sessions. Please see the rates and insurance page for details. 

Is teletherapy as effective as traditional in-person therapy?

Yes, teletherapy has been shown to be just as effective as in-person therapy. Studies show that teletherapy is an equally efficient form of psychotherapy.

Do I need to download special software or an app?

No, there is no need for special software. You only need a computer or phone that has a functioning camera, microphone, and a reliable internet connection. Simply click the link that is emailed to you.

Is teletherapy secure and confidential?

Yes, teletherapy at CJC uses a HIPAA compliant platform. Clients can rest assured that their confidentiality is maintained as it is in traditional psychotherapy.

What if we lose our connection during a session?

In case of a lost connection, we first attempt to problem solve and reconnect. Alternate options can be used to continue the session, including continuing the session via phone.